Our Responsiblity

Combining Years of Hard Work


We at Hustle Hard have a great responsibility to our customers and our staff. It is important for us to be aware of actions and their consequences at our headquarters in Leipzig and anywhere else in the world that we communicate to our audience.
Our decisions are always transparent and open to scrutiny: Employees, customers and anyone interested in our conduct are invited to take part. The German word for responsibility is “verantwortung”, so please refer any issues related to support@hustlehard.co.za

Responsibility to the Environment

Sustainability is close to our heart. We produce environmentally-friendly T-shirts in order to reduce waste and we recycle whenever possible. An important step here was the introduction of our own collection. This makes us proud and gives us the opportunity to exert an influence on the origin and production of the T-shirts we are printing on.

Supplier Responsibility

Hustle Hard is based on fairness and honesty. We ensure this by adhering to our Code of Practice. We make sure that our suppliers abide by our code or adhere to similar principles. We strive to conduct fair and legitimate relationships with all of our business partners. When choosing suppliers and merchants, personal relationships or gaining an advantage of some sort is never a decisive factor. All that counts is quality, experience and integrity.

Responsibility to Our Employees

Flat hierarchies, room for creativity and individual influence, as well as an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere make the work environment at Hustle Hard a special one. Our Feel Good Manager, Stanley, makes sure that working at Hustle Hard is all fun and games. Next to providing a stimulating atmosphere at work, she organizes foosball and table-tennis tournaments, provides free fruit for everyone and initiates social activities. Just like the rest of the personnel department, she always has an open ear for personal requests and questions when it comes to life in Johannesburg

Responsibility to Our Fellow Human Beings

We believe that the free and open exchange of ideas on products is key to self-expression, even if we might personally disagree with those voices. Therefore, Hustle Hard prints almost all submitted designs whether we as a company or individuals like them or not. Of course, there are also standards that we set for our community. We reject designs violating our community standards if they contain illegal content, hate speech,

More Commitment

We are friends of charitable endeavors, and we donate to acknowledged charitable organizations. This is how we can harness the potential we have as a continuously growing company to support values and things close to our heart. And we never condition our donations on purchases made with our company. We do, however, grant concessionary terms to recognized organizations using print-on-demand apparel to point to social injustices

The Future of Print-on-demand is Powered by Self-expression

The core of our business model is based on the idea that we only print what the customer wants when they want it. Hustle Hard has continually pushed the boundaries of the on-demand printing market by investing in sustainable production approaches and empowering customers and businesses to express themselves on products they use, wear, and carry.

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